Float autonomous drawing art

Graduated from the Willem de Kooning academy (Rotterdam, Netherlands) 2015.
study: fine arts

Work theme: Imbalance
His work deals with contemporary issues that fascinate him, such as polarization, refugees, the rise of the right. But also about his individual statuses such as boredom, doubt, despair, etc.
Float tries to visualize the above subjects without herein are literally and/or steering. This makes for the viewer's own interperatie of work possible. He uses for his work anonymous mediums / materials such as:
charcoal, MDF panels, 9010.
These mediums are so broad methods accepted that they are for him a symbol of the 'gray matter'.

Recently completed work on paper
Dept 2016 (96x64cm)

Recently work on panels
Searching for monet, 2016 (244x190x70cm)

drawings from the animation-video
'I never tell the truth'

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