My pieces are non-literal visualizations of my thoughts, expectations and opinions. For my workpieces I use (mostly) mediums such as: MDF panels, RAL 9010 and charcoal. The challenge for me is to make an autonomous piece of work with widely applied mediums. I do not make sketches beforehand, but I design and correct in the workpiece itself. My work is somewhat absurd in nature and my visual elements are often made up of fingers and hands.

De Havenloods

Anton Cotteleer: In this work I see references to colonial
images and religious objects. It does not happen explicitly.
That makes it interesting, that makes me curious.
The work is dark, mysterious and explores the boundary
drawing and sculpture.
You can also see that flirtation with borders in the work of
Thomas Houseago


Relevant training courses
Fine arts (Willem de Kooning academie)

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